N D N t

Generate an image with a No Symbol on top

Scale Symbol

What is This?

This is a weekend project for funsies. It's not (yet) widely tested and I'd like to add more features in the future. But hopefully it is still entertaining, and perhaps even useful to spread a message of "No ___ Allowed" and "Do Not ___".

How to Use

Generate a base image using one of the methods below. NoDoNot will then place a No Symbol (a.k.a. Prohibited Symbol) on top of the image. You can resize the symbol using the slider. You can also move the symbol around by clicking on it and dragging. If you place the symbol outside of the image area, it will be clipped on download. Click the download button to save the image to your computer.

Image Search

Click on "Search" and enter your search phrase. NoDoNot will get the first medium-sized image result from Google Images

Image URL

Click on "URL" and enter a valid URL to an existing image.

Upload Image

Click on "Upload" and select a valid image file from your computer.

Enter Text

Click on "Text" and enter a phrase to use as an image.